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Keep in mind there are two types of residential moving, long distance and short distance. Not all moving companies will cross state lines, so if that is a necessity for your move, be sure to ask about the company's policies. In addition, special care needs to be taken with your items if they are being moved long distance. If you need this service, be sure to choose a company that has experience in long distance moves and is willing to take the extra precautions necessary.

The Best Way to Get a Moving Estimate. We'll ask you a few simple questions about the items you'll be moving and the locations we're going to be moving them from/to. In only 5 steps you'll get an accurate estimate immediately online. We're so confident in the accuracy of what you tell us that after completing the estimate you can even book your move online. No other full-service mover is doing that! No additional phone calls are required.

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Great company. My family used this company twice. First me and my husband moved. It was perfect despite my husband's concerns. After 2 months I had to move my daughter to her new apartment and it was the great. ..."‎ waltersmith ‎ - Jan 10, 2011

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We’ll ask you a few simple questions and then give you a free estimate immediately online. What have you got to lose? It only takes a couple minutes. .

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